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What is a 3 point stance​?

It is the first thing you learn when you start playing football.

3pointstance should be the first place Coaches and Parents visit for information on Youth Football topics.
3pointstance should be the place where current and former youth football players come to reminisce over their past highlights.
You can send me clips, or I will find them on the web. it is all about connecting with other players from around the US and Mexico.

Why Here?
Articles/Topics I have collected or have had written talk about things I have been asked about over the last 30 + years as a youth football (and baseball) coach...
And some of the things I have often wondered about.

For example my Unbreakable Series started as an "anti CTE" story for youth football coaches. When the US government was attacking youth football. I tried to articulate to parents and coaches what the studies actually were saying and explaining the numbers... but no one cared.
So I thought.. What If I do stories on Ivy League football players. We heard the sad stories of the football players who had mental conditions. That is what makes the news.
What about the other side. Someone who played youth football, high school football and played football at the high athletic level and even higher educational level.
Not only played and competed but then graduated and went on to have successful professional careers at top US companies. Then I said screw it.. how about i pick ONLY minority guys, that would REALLY give coaches ammo to say to a parent-- "Hey Mom/Dad they said your kid's brain would turn to mush playing football, but look at these stories of guys that graduated from Harvard/Yale/Dartmouth, they seem to be doing pretty good..." (It is "a" counter argument-- any other ideas.. let me know. )

If there is something else you wonder about, please write me and let me know-
Have some great writers that will be able to put together information in a succinct manner.

We all care about youth football and your children. We may not be from the same state but we all have the same challenges. 3pointstance is here to help tackle those challenges.


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