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Reasons to Encourage Children to Engage in Sports

Benefits of Sports for Children

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey revealed that obesity among children aged between two and nineteen years is 18.5%. The rate is different among the ages but increases with age. There is a high rate of obesity currently than it was a decade ago. This is a trend that has been on the rise since the early 70's. However, by encouraging children to participate in spots, the child obesity rate can reduce.

Athletes Perform Better Academically

Some parents think sports will distract children and lead to poor performance. On the contrary, sports help to improve the memory of a student because there is a lot of learning, memorization, and repetition in sports training. The skill sets are relevant to academic work, and a child realizes the importance of setting goals and working hard to beat their opponents. The skills are applicable in class and hence the better performance in athletes.

Health Benefits

Children battling with obesity will benefit from exercises. It helps them lose weight and stay away from child obesity. Sports instill discipline in young children by encouraging them to make healthy decisions including not drinking or smoking. This lowers their risks of diseases such as cancer later in their lives.

Helps to Improve Self-Esteem

Youth sports help to improve self-esteem once hard work pays off with a win. Even being chosen to represent their school is enough to boost the confidence of a child. The whole process teaches children to set goals and achieve them and not give up after losing. It is rewarding, and they work as a team, which helps them fight to win without giving up.

Reduces Stress

Exercises help to overcome stress. It is a great way to keep a child busy especially those who seek comfort in snacks and food, which can easily lead to child obesity. Participating in different games also gives a child the perfect opportunity to make new friends.

There many positive experiences that a child can have in sports. While it may look burdensome for children, youth sports not only make them enjoy outdoor activities, but also keep fit.

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