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Unbreakable VIII Chad Hollis by Jennifer Lyons

Unbreakable VIII Chad Hollis by Jennifer Lyons

As a historical National Champion and multi-time Ivy League Champion, Dartmouth College holds its own as one of the richest and most storied programs of the Ivy League. Dartmouth snagged its only championship at the national level in 1925 and has enjoyed 19 victories in the Ivy League between 1888 and 2019. The Dartmouth football program has produced 11 inductees to the College Hall of Fame.

The athletes who have played among Dartmouth's hallowed ranks are exceptional, and Chad Hollis is no exception. Hailing from Florida, Chad began to show signs of greatness during his high school career at The Philips Academy of Andover, a prestigious preparatory school in the luxe New Hampshire area. A cut above his peers, Chad received the accolades of the Keyes Prize during his sophomore year in 2006 and the Yale Bowl award as a senior in 2008. Both awards celebrate an impressive show of excellence in both academic and athletic ability and work. Undoubtedly, Chad's parallel passions of football and academia propelled him to further greatness as a promising Black man rising in the ranks of his cohorts.

Because of his exemplary performance as a football player and student, Chad Hollis was recruited by Harvard, Cornell, and Brown Universities, but ultimately decided upon the illustrious program at Dartmouth College. While at Dartmouth from 2008 until 2012, Chad majored in both government and economics. Beyond his impressive course load, Chad served as a newspaper columnist for the acclaimed newspaper, The Dartmouth, which is touted as America's Oldest College Newspaper—founded in 1799. Chad explored topics in sports and current events, and even had a running column titled "Hollisto's World."

Beyond his academic exploits, Chad contributed significantly to the Dartmouth varsity football team in the Cornerback position. As a CB, he rose to the top as a special teams player, displaying exceptional talent in kick coverage. He also earned the Scout Team Award for his significant contributions to the team. He also made significant contributions when Dartmouth faced Princeton, Yale, Brown, Penn, and one of their most heated rivals—Cornell. Chad Hollis graduated with his Bachelor of Arts in Government and Economics in 2012. Even as he was just stepping into the workforce as a fresh graduate with his B.A., Chad Hollis was already a shining example of a young man who accomplished immense athletic and academic feats at an acclaimed school through sheer grit and hard work—skills he undoubtedly grew in his longtime football career.

As a professional, Chad Hollis has accumulated an impressive resume. Before his graduation from Dartmouth, Chad began his career as a Summer Analyst at the esteemed firm of Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Post-graduation, Chad's ascension had only just begun. Equipped with an exceptional work ethic, drive, and team-oriented spirit, Chad founded Grannix Corps in 2014.

This ambitious organization sought to give back to the cornerstone of Chad's success—athletics. Grannix aspired to increase donation revenue to college athletics programs through creative and groundbreaking software solutions.

Chad Hollis continued his climb by working for Putnam Investments for the three years following his Grannix Corps project. At Putnam, Chad worked as a Business Development Analytics Manager. He collaborated on important strategic business initiatives using the expertise he gathered during his undergraduate studies.

Since 2017, Chad has worked as a Content Planning and Analysis Associate at the entertainment behemoth, Netflix. In the heart of the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, California, Chad continues to work within his coveted position at one of the world's most lucrative streaming services.

Chad Hollis' most admirable accomplishment, though, is his years-long position as a Career Program Coach at Sponsors for Educational Opportunity. At SEO, Chad provides much-needed mentorship for underserved and underprivileged college students as they prepare to enter the workforce. Armed with a sense of honor and team-mindedness fostered during his football days, Chad helps a diverse cohort of students prepare for competitive internships and opportunities within the workforce. To give back to an underprivileged community, Chad generously imparts his hard-earned wisdom in market knowledge, technical computer skills, and corporate know-how.

In his athletic, academic, and now professional career, Chad Hollis is a shining example of the heights to which the football mentality can take a young man. Chad elevates the benefits of his hard-earned football mentality by sharing it with the next generation. This is only made more admirable by the fact that, despite his booming career, he continues to give back to the underprivileged youth of his community. Chad Hollis is a role model and a glowing illustration of the benefits of youth football in a young man's life. Equipped with drive, perseverance, honor, and respect for the ideals of the team, those touched by the football mentality can accomplish anything they set out to do.


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