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Unbreakable VI -Jordan Buxton Punch

Jordan Buxton Punch is my new Unbreakable. This dude is more super hero than sob story. His contributions have only amplified how impressive his life has been. Talk about road less traveled. This dude is the opposite. What road didn’t he travel. From NY, to Georgia, to New Hampshire, to California to Ohio. He goes where opportunity allows him to . 9/11 change the course of his life however it didn’t curtail what this young man was able to accomplish in all the locations I mentioned above. You cannot subdue greatness. Although he didn’t have the athletic accolades of some of my other Unbreakables, he took the football mentality definition to mean something even more off the field than on. But his arc in life has signs of accomplishment that most young men, especially young black man would/should deem impossible….impossible only if you believe it to be.

His family decided to move to Atlanta after 9/11 but thought it was best that their exceptional son attend one of the most elite schools in the country St. Paul’s ( )in New Hampshire. His passion is there ( if you read through what Jordan wrote when in St. Paul’s talking about campus culture and race.

He took his drive to Yale where he walked on the football team and saw mostly special-teams action. Similar to Jaron Wilson ( ), I am sure he could have decided to NOT play football. Someone who was not recruited by Yale yet decided to take on an Ivy League school education and the responsibility of playing football because it was what HE wanted to do . Football players are football players. It is a football mentality that can be addictive to those that get the taste of comradely that comes with the pads and the helmet. It is a different bond you form when a member of a team (Any team really although I feel like youth football's regimen does not change much from youth to advanced levels where other sports do not, in my opinion) that is unlike anything else. Are you going to get along with everyone? Most likely not, but that Is like saying people go through life with zero challenges.

He made my life a bit easier cause he only had his linked in profile. (

Intern- Morgan Stanley

Investment Banking Analyst Well Fargo

Cyprium Partners Associate

Vice President – Growth Opportunity Partners Inc- Working with entrepreneurs and business owners in the lower middle market to efficiently structure growth capital investment via debt or equity

Again why work at GOP. Look at the companies that he worked at and the arc he was on. He was living in an area that not many other blacks were living ( .. He could have worked with larger multi billion dollar companies But he decided to work with the small businesses in North East Ohio? From NY, to LA, to.. North East Ohio. Let that sink in. He is helping the little guy, the small, hungry entrepreneur get the opportunity to make it. Sounds like something a guy that walked on to a football team against all odds but was not deterred would do. He is someone who can understand these struggles. From the football field, to the piece he wrote at St Pauls, to being a young black man in Yale.. to then traverse several financial firms, that led him to helping out the underdog that is willing to put in the work and resources to succeed. Like he did. He gets it. He gets the spirit. .

He proved them all wrong. Never let things get in his way. .. And now he is motivating others with the same aspirations.

Meet my Unbreakable VI Jordan Buxton-Punch. Thank you for Jordan.


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