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Unbreakable IV- Davon Robertson

Davon Robertson and Drake look alike? I see it. I really do. However, I wonder how Drake would be coming off the edge in an obvious passing situation. I wonder if Drake could long-arm an offensive tackle on his way to a quarterback. But then again, can Davon energize a stadium full of people cheering him on as he performs.. WAIT. .YES HE CAN. Well Drake is socially conscious and tries to give back to the community. Wait.. So does Davon.

I wonder if Davon has ever dated Nicki Minaj.. Gonna google it, brb. OH SNAP, I found a picture of a guy that looked like Drake/Davon that was with Nicki. I might have to send this to TMZ. All those years of Columbo and Barnaby Jones have come together. Drake never dated Nicki. .IT WAS DAVON. Who knew. Damn I will never look at the Bedrock video the same . All this time I thought it was Drake, but in fact, IT WAS DAVON. You go homey. No wonder, no matter what pic I found of him he was smiling. I had thought that tattoo of a D on Nicki’s thigh was for Drake.. But Drake’s real name is Aubrey. Davon’s real name is.. DAVON. And everyone knows, she cannot have a Good O without a Good D. And although injured some, Davon played Defensive End….Drake is a singer.. So he WAS on a Good D…. Wait.. Hold on. .MIND OUT THE GUTTER ALL.. This is a blog about football. Smh.

Davon Robertson is my Unbreakable IV. Similar to Derrick Barker, his career was filled with more introspection because of his many injuries throughout his Harvard career. However it has not changed how football has impacted his life. (

The life skills I have learned through the program I believe will carry with me throughout my entire life. With the injuries I have received, I have had to make the most difficult decisions of my life, especially when it has come to concussions. I never thought I would have to make the decisions I had to make within my football career, but I truly believe it has made me a stronger and tougher person from them…. I have learned the meaning of training adversity and overcoming troubling events, even if they almost sidelined my whole career.

Now based on my own definition of the football mentality ( as the desire to overcome

obstacles, whether real or perceived, to achieve a greater goal for yourself and ultimately for others( your teammates, family, friends, etc.) , similar to Derrick Barker, you can see he has it as well.

Davon was a peer counselor on campus to help underclassman make the right decisions. Wow he has something with pears because Nikki has a pear shape. As I said.. He stays smiling. He currently works at Sprint Corporate Structuring, where he does evaluating and negotiating acquisitions, divestitures, investments, JVs and partnerships. I just jumped out of my car to dance.. Kiki do you love me. Are you riding…..No wonder Nikki chose him over Drake, she is from Queens and Queens girls were always smarter.

It is amazing that a player of Davon’s stature was able to persevere in a climate that isn’t built for the weak to survive . Being a black youth at Harvard could not have been easy for him. He could have thrown up the white flag and just packed it in and head home due to his injuries. But he is a leader; and leaders.. Lead. Even after he graduated Davon continues to lead and inspire by being a big brother. Well he has truly inspired me.

This is why he is my Unbreakable IV. Thank you Davon Robertson.


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