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Unbreakable V- Jaron Wilson

We have a new person to talk about today. That person is Jaron Wilson. Jaron came all the way across from the left coast to attend Harvard. He sent his highlight tapes to 252 schools. It appears out of the 252, Jaron received a call from the Harvard coaches who wanted to take a chance on the highly energetic, positive ball player. What an arc.. from not being recruited, to star of the Harvard defensive backfield. This brief story will discuss his amazing journey that once again proves that most are only limited by their own thoughts and self-imposed limitations.

His football journey began from his first coach and #1 fan as well and his first idol Dwan Wilson- his father. Dwan also was a sports star, playing starting corner at Air Force and was also his coach when Jaron started playing youth football. Jaron was a special athlete in high school. A three sports star in football, basketball and baseball, (

He then decided on take a huge leap to Harvard..

But think about it. Why do it. I am sure he could have chosen a lesser academic school. I love football as much as the next guy, but Harvard? It takes a special person to make that choice. Football is stressful enough to learn and compete at that level. Cause as a coach, although I know Harvard cannot compete with the Alabama’s and Auburn's of the world, I know you have to be pretty damn good to walk on that field at those Ivy League schools. Oh and after the season is over… IT IS STILL HARVARD.

I have defined the Football Mentality as the desire to overcome obstacles, whether real or perceived, to achieve a greater goal for yourself and ultimately for others( your teammates, family, friends, etc.) but I am convinced that these players that can compete at Harvard AND graduate with a degree are the true anomalies ;not the 1500 that are chosen to go the NFL combine or the 300 that actually get drafted. But with the recent attacks on football and it being cerebrally damaging, it led me to this path of the Ivy league football players.

Let us face it, a D1 safety might run a 4.4 .. A Harvard safety is running a 4.6. A Top D1 safety might be 6 feet 200 .. Jaron was 5’10. People think the gradient is much greater, but it really isn’t. To play football at the Ivy level is only slightly below that of the top schools. The biggest differences are tenths of seconds, A few inches and a few pounds. .. Nothing against those institutions academically but well, it is Harvard.

I have been amazed for most of my life for the jock factories schools with 80 to well over 100 total players and 3 or 4 get drafted a year and frankly no one cares about the others. To then look at the work that these Ivy League players put in and it is the same amount of time and effort YET they still have to perform in the classroom at a high level.

I know in the past I started with the their LinkedIn profile stats.. but THIS dude caught my eye.

How many people can say they actually helped Africans and a greater black cause?

Many people can say they were president of the black student union in their high school like Jaron was. Impressive feat that displays his leadership and popularity among the students as well as how socially conscious he is.

Jaron and team located 76 wells in rural west Uganda for which the samples were used to provide a disease map of the Kibale National Park. (

He was not done. Jaron presented his Uganda Water disease related field research to 6th graders who were studying water scarcity in Africa. First of all, who the hell are these 6th graders that are studying water scarcity in Africa. What mutant 6th grader would even know about this.. Call of Duty, Modern Warfare yes but African Water Scarcity? Um how many 12th graders can discuss this topic. I better stop here, cause I know I might be working for one of those 6th graders in a few years. I wonder if any of those 6th graders can help me with my 401k.

I will stop writing here for all the mothers that have gotten this far and thought, “ much as this young man can be an inspiration for my son.. I have a daughter who I would like to set him out with!!” I am taking all resumes as I will be Jaron dating agent. Please send me your daughters resume and I will evaluate and if you qualify I will forward to Jaron. Jaron only asks that her teeth be her own and she has to be able to do the cha-cha slide on demand ( Please note that since the writing of this, I have found out that Jaron is in fact married and his wife stated that if I did not amend part, she would off me.... Sorry ladies.. you lost a good man, but she is one lucky woman 11/17/20).

More on Jaron

Imagine what his life would have been like if he didn’t go to Harvard. I do not mean it would not have been a success, because you can see from his work ethic and drive, he would have found a way. But do you want me to believe those people in Uganda are not better off because of his work? You mean that he did not inspire AT LEAST one of those 6th graders with his research and work?

Sure the coach took a chance on him.. But that chance has led to many other people that have benefited from his chance, on and off the football field. I hope this article on his life helps illuminate a little more how hard and impressive his actions are and were. I mentioned above, it proves that he lived by the football mentality. Someone who started playing youth football and being a young black man which means he could have gone down so many wrong paths.. Many news articles about CTE damaging the youth of America just by stepping on the football field. He is taking these challenges head on and we do not see a stop any time soon.

Jaron Wilson Unbreakable V- Thank you Mr. Jaron Wilson


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